The North Sanpete Arts Council (NSAC) was established in January 2015. The NSAC formed a partnership with Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance, a 501C non-profit organization, in October 2015.  The members and board of the NSAC believe that all forms of art, be it visual, literary, music, theatre, or dance, enhance the life of a community and nourish individual growth through self-expression. 

The North Sanpete Arts Council mission is to promote the arts in the Sanpete community by

1. establishing ongoing venues to showcase local artists' works
2. providing networking opportunities for its members
3. collaborating with other artists on community projects that will engage public support
4. being a liaison between the arts and local businesses, government, and educational institutions
5. providing education by sharing knowledge and skills through workshops and guest artists
6. serving as a cooperative public awareness forum for the arts in our region using social media, radio, newspapers, and other modes of advertising.



The Executive Board members are as follows:
Donna Seager, Secretary Lisa Potter
Wendy Hacking, Chairman Sandra Johnson
Milette McKay, Treasurer Leland Coates
Loni Carter Karin Brown


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